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SJU Lax takes on FMSC

11/08/2016, 8:30am CST
By Boone Almquist

Johnnies give back after day of games

On Saturday, October 29th, the St. John's Lacrosse team played 3 games between 10am and 4pm. It was a cold and rainy day.  The last place you'd expect to find them afterward is volunteering.  However, that's exactly where they were!  The team headed straight from the field in Minnetonka, MN to Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids.  The competitiveness headed there, too.

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit that provides complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children.  Donations given by people just like you help fund the meal ingredients and cost of getting these meals to those that need them.  Volunteers hand-pack the meals and they are donated to FMSC food partners around the world, where kids are fed and lives are saved.  If you'd like to help or want more information, go to 

After the team, along with the other volunteers there that night, had been given instructions, and some of the guys were given bandages and a glove for injuries suffered during the lacrosse games, everyone went in to the packing room to get started.  Most of the players were at the team's work station where the meal packs were filled, sealed and boxed.  Some other players were runners, who may have been sweating more after 2 hours at FMSC than after the day of games.  The runner was responsible for for bringing more ingredients to a work station if they ran out.  The Johnnies' statioin in particular seemed to run out a lot.  Seeing their teammate run all of the place may have been the reason.  The  fact that the team thought they could break some sort of record for most boxes packed may have contributed as well.

If you have ever been to an SJU lacrosse game, the chant "Johnnie Red, you know!" might sound familiar.  Everyone at FMSC that night is now familiar with it too.  When a station has packed a full box, they are supposed to get the attention of an employee so it can be taken.  It was suggested to come up with a station chant to get their attention. You may be able to guess what chant the team chose to use, and it seemed that every few minutes the room was filled with "Johnnie Red, you know!"

After the 2 hours was up it was then clean-up time.  On the way to "breaking records" the team's station got a little messy.  As college students, the clean up might have been the most difficult task of all.  When it was all said and done, the entire group that night packed enough meals to feed 96 kids for a whole year!!  It was awesome seeing the impact all the hard work would have on someone in need and almost as awesome that they had samples of the meal for everyone to try.


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