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  • Johnnies team cylinder duffle bags with players numbers on the ends.
  • Custom Nike SJU Lacrosse team jackets. The #1 in the U is a message to students to always strive to be #1
  • As we turn the glove over and look at the back of the palm we saw that SJU also customized their gloves with the school crest.
  • The Johnnies' custom STX K18 gloves rock a white, red and sky blue colorway. Each player also has their number on the cuff of their gloves.
  • The back of the SJU white game day uniforms with some complementary red STX K18 arm pads peaking out.
  • The St. Johns crest proudly displayed on the left sleeve of the uniform.
  • LacrosseWear helped put together these SJU white sublimated game day uniforms.
  • The Johnnies kept their helmets classically basic as we get another look this time from the right side.
  • "Johnnies" across the back panel of the CPX and displaying the MCLA decal.
  • St. Johns' custom Cascade CPX helmets rock the full-bama side panel set up going numbers on both sides.


Photos courtesy of